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Apr ‌30, 2019
Introducing TestCafe Studio

May ‌13, 2019
New in v19.1 - WinForms

May ‌14, 2019
New in v19.1 - ASP.NET, MVC, ASP.NET Core

May ‌15, 2019
New in v19.1 - WPF

May ‌16, 2019
New in v19.1 - Dashboard, Reporting, Analytics

May ‌17, 2019
New in v19.1 - JavaScript: jQuery, Angular, React

May ‌17, 2019
New in v19.1 - CodeRush

v19.1 is Coming Soon

Learn What's New & Try Beta 1


Our next major release is a couple of weeks away and once again, it's packed with new controls and capabilities across all major platforms. Though far too many to list in a single email, here is a small sampling of new products/features we expect to ship in v19.1:

  • WinForms Pivot Grid & Vertical Grid: DirectX Render
  • WinForms Grid: New Visual Effects for Cell Updates
  • ASP.‌NET Gantt Control (CTP)
  • New ASP.‌NET Core Controls: Rich Text Editor, Spreadsheet, File Manager
  • JavaScript: New File Manager Control (CTP)
  • Reporting: Hierarchical Data Display
  • XAF: ASP.‌NET RTF Editor and WinForms Spreadsheet Editor (CTP)
  • Dashboard: New Date Filter Item
  • Office File API: .NET Core Support
  • Xamarin.Forms Controls: Data Grid, Scheduler, Tab View, Drawer (CTP)
  • And so much more

Download and Try Beta 1 Tod‌ay

As an active Universal or DXperience subscriber, you are eligible to download and install Beta 1 tod‌ay. Please take a moment to review our What's New webpage then visit our Download Center to obtain Beta 1. If you encounter issues during installation, have questions about a new feature or encounter a technical issue, feel free to contact our Support Team at your convenience.

DevExpress Universal v19.1


TestCafe Studio is Here

An Entirely New Web Testing Framework

TestCafe Studio – the next major version of our automated web testing framework – includes numerous features that were unavailable in its predecessor (TestCafe v15.1). Major enhancements include:

  • A more powerful test execution platform – TestCafe Studio is based on hybrid client-server architecture instead of in-browser execution.
  • A Redesigned Visual Test Recorder – TestCafe Studio can now visually record a test from scratch or edit existing test scripts.
  • A Feature-complete code editor.
  • A New test debugger that allows you to run a test step-by-step and access page element data while doing so.
  • And more

TestCafe Studio - Part of Universal

Active (non-expired) Universal subscribers can download TestCafe Studio as part of their annual subscription. If you don't own an active Universal Subscription and would like to learn more about preferential pricing options, please contact a member of the DevExpress Client Services Team for a no-obligation price quote.

TestCafe Studio on DevExpress.com | Webinar

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