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13 August 2009
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Message from the CTO

Back in 2007 Google released a study on the lifetimes of hard disk drives. They are obviously in a pretty unique position to do so since they run huge server farms that run the majority of the world's searches, emails, and other cloud-like services.

Although they didn't single out any particular manufacturer or brand as being better or worse than the norm, they did say that a new disk drive has about a 2% chance of failing in a year. Drives that are over 2 or 3 years old the rate is significantly higher, over 8%.

Let's take that lower probability, and run with it.

So, the disk in your newish laptop has a one in 50 chance of dying this year. Doesn't sound too bad, surely? That's like shuffling a pack of cards thoroughly, placing the pack on the table, cutting, turning over the top card and it being the ace of spades.

Taking it further: in our house we have several PCs, containing in all 8 newish disk drives spinning all the time. The probability that at least one of those 8 dying this year according to Google's probability is 15%.

One in 7. That's in between tossing three heads in a row with a coin or throwing a six on a single die. Suddenly it doesn't seem that remote any more. (If they were older, that becomes 1 chance in 2 that at least one drive would fail.)

So, when was the last time you backed up? Given that, like me, you're the free tech gopher for all your relatives' and friends' machines, when did they back up?

Julian M Bucknall, CTO
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Have a DXperience at the Movies
XAF: Projects, Projects, Projects and an Employee
DevExpress Hits Facebook
Delphi: “Live Long and Prosper”
Independent Blogger Showcase
Thinking Outside DXperience
DX Press Top 5 Support Issues

Have a DXperience at the Movies

What’s in a release? Lots of new features and updates! But we don’t just want to tell you about them, we want to show you how to use them and explain the reason for their inclusion in this release. In addition to excellent documentation in our help system and code samples on CodeCentral, we are also providing short tutorial and demo videos on the DevExpress Channel. These videos highlight the new features using simple scenarios, demonstrating how to implement them in sample applications.

Grab your popcorn and soda, and let DevExpress host, Amanda, give you the DXperience.

*In Motion: Documenting New Features in DXperience 9.2

XAF: Projects, Projects, Projects and an Employee

In iteration 2 of the DevExpress Project Management Application, we left Gary Short with the basic shape of our app, the facility to estimate tasks and a cup of tea with a side of sticky bun. But we have to wonder, what is a project management application without projects or people to manage them? A little bit limited you say? Absolutely.

Riding high on his post iteration 2 sugar rush, Gary gets to grips with some core functionality in iterations 3 and 4 – Project, ProjectTask and Employee. And to keep our VB punters happy, Gary has also included code samples in Visual Basic.

*XAF – Project Management Application #3
*XAF – Project Management Application #4

DevExpress Hits Facebook

DevExpress has launched its Facebook Fan Page. We’re aiming to help you to create a customer driven resource for DevExpress fans. Come and join us as a fan and promote your own DevExpress content, post your fan photos and keep up-to-date on the events that DevExpress is helping to support.

Our DX Squad members have posted heaps of content already … so come and join us!

*Join Us On Facebook

Delphi: “Live Long and Prosper”

Richard Morris just wants to get one thing straight – Delphi is most definitely alive and kicking.

In an age of homogeneity, take a whistle stop tour of everything that is good, great and down-right groovy about Delphi. Maybe it doesn’t occupy a majority share in the development market, but make no mistake, Delphi is still punching well above its weight and Richard is going to tell you why.

*Delphi ain't dead yet

Independent Blogger Showcase

DevExpress are indebted to our customers and enthusiasts because their support and promotion is invaluable to us. Mehul has highlighted our DevExpress Facebook page in this newsletter as a resource for our fans and supporters to promote their own content and have their own DevExpress voice heard. Many of you have already started to populate this resource for others.

One of those who has posted an astonishing amount of CodeRush content to our page already is Rory Becker. Check out this post to see some of his content highlights … oh, and a picture of giant Mark Miller towering above tiny Rachel Hawley!

*CodeRush Blogging: So Much to Say, Not Enough Time to Say It

Thinking Outside DXperience

Google Wave caught Gary’s eye back in June and presented a great collaborative environment opportunity. As a self-proclaimed “technology pioneer” Gary has decided to give it a go, and Google have very obligingly granted him access to their global kindergarten playpen: the Google Wave Sandbox.

Is Google Wave floating Gary’s boat? Find out in his blog and feel free to join the discussion.

*Playing in the Google Wave Sandbox

DX Press Top 5 Support Issues

Here is this week's top 5 list:

*ExpressScheduler - Implement two-way synchronization with MS Outlook
*ASPxGridView - Bind to data when clicking an external button
*ASPxGridView - Show ContextMenu only when the header area is clicked
*XAF - Implement common code for both WinForms and ASP.NET
*DXNavBar for WPF - Animate a NavBarItem
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