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25 February 2010
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Message from the CTO

Mend some broken windows

Back in 1982, The Atlantic published an article by Wilson and Kelling called "Broken Windows", in which the authors promoted the idea that small problems, unless fixed promptly, would lead to more problems, and the problems themselves growing larger into full criminal acts.

Later, Dave Hunt and Andy Thomas, in their book The Pragmatic Programmer, extended this concept to software. No software is perfectly written: it has bugs, it is possibly an expression of some bad design, it contains sub-optimal poorly-written code. Their viewpoint is that this is the equivalent of broken windows.

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Julian M Bucknall, CTO
Watch Julian’s video message on the DevExpress Channel


Beta News: Grab a CodeRush Sundae with VS2010 Sauce
Sneak Peek: ASPxCaptcha Coming in DXperience v10.1
Free CodeRush Plug-in: Move Source Code
XAF - Xtremely Accessible Fitness
Customer Support: Help Our Front Line
Want Silverlight Resources? Here’s Some Jesse Liberty
The DevExpress Project Converter: Upgrade with Ease
DevExpress Community News
News from the DevExpress Channel
Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

Beta News: Grab a CodeRush Sundae with VS2010 Sauce

Sweet! CodeRush with VS2010 support is now available as a beta release to all registered users of CodeRush, Refactor! Pro, CodeRush Xpress or Refactor! Free Editions. If you have CodeRush as part of your DXperience Universal or Enterprise license you will also have access to this latest beta release.

If you are not a registered CodeRush user, why not download our free tool, CodeRush Xpress, and try out the beta until May 30th.

Mark and the IDE Tools team are looking forward to hearing your feedback as they continue their work towards the full release of CodeRush with VS2010 support, planned to coincide with the official Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Launch in April.

We’ll be looking out for your blog posts and comments to publish in the next edition of DX Press: The DevExpress Newsletter.

*Try DevExpress IDE Tools for Visual Studio 2010

Sneak Peek: ASPxCaptcha Coming in DXperience v10.1

Another little taste of what the DevExpress development team has been working on for the DXperience v10.1 release. Mehul divulges this latest addition to the DevExpress ASP.NET product line.

Take a look at the screenshots and examples in Mehul’s post and leave your feedback on ASPxCaptcha.

*ASP.NET Captcha Control Sneak Peek

Free CodeRush Plug-in: Move Source Code

Rory Becker is a busy guy. Developer by day and CodeRush fanatic by night, he doesn’t have time to be unproductive. He is creating ways to make Visual Studio work his way. A long-term CodeRush user and DXCore plug-in developer, Rory has released yet another great plug-in that you can download for free.

This plug-in allows you to move source code using your arrow keys. It’s so simple we had to wonder why Visual Studio doesn’t support this out-of-the-box.

It’s also worth noting that a large number of the community plug-ins hosted on the DXCore Community Plug-ins site also already work under the CodeRush beta for VS2010 with no need to recompile. So check out the buffet and grab yourself some CodeRush delights.

*CodeRush Plugin: Move Source Code with Rory Becker

XAF - Xtremely Accessible Fitness

Gary has a goal. That goal is to fit into his traditional Scottish garb by TechEd. Can we confirm that we’ll see Gary in a kilt in New Orleans? Maybe, maybe not. But what we can be sure of is that his exercise application, built with the eXpress Application Framework, will get into great shape along the way.

This week Gary is adding to the foundation that he created in his first post with mechanisms to track and record his training activities.

Check out the latest post and leave Gary your feedback in the comments.

*Keeping Fit With XAF: Part Two

Customer Support: Help Our Front Line

As developers we don't like to be outdone by technology. Software is the beast that we aim to tame.

But sometimes problems just escape us and we have to accept that we need a little help.

Help DevExpress to help you better and leave your comments for Max, our Head of Support Services, on this open call for feedback for the DevExpress Support Team.

*A Call for Supporting Customer Support

Want Silverlight Resources? Here’s Some Jesse Liberty

Silverlight and Jesse Liberty go together like fine cigars and the DevExpress management team – it’s a happy marriage.

If you are a UK developer with any level of interest in Silverlight then make sure you clear April of all engagements and fill your schedule with Jesse Liberty. Jesse is making a week-long tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland that will see him speak at Microsoft Techdays and seven user groups around the UK and Ireland.

Don’t miss out. Register for your nearest event now!

*Jesse Liberty: The Silverlight Geek UK and Ireland Tour

The DevExpress Project Converter: Upgrade with Ease

The DevExpress team knows how frustrating and time-consuming “update day” for your projects can be. That’s why our development team came up with the DevExpress Project Converter. The tool provides you with an easy way to update your projects’ references to use newly installed DevExpress components, regardless of the .NET platform that you use.

Updating your projects need never be the troublesome task that it currently is, again.

Let Amanda take you through an overview of how easy it is to use, and then check out Mehul’s post on how to integrate the tool directly into Visual Studio.

*Using the Project Converter
*How to Add DevExpress Project Converter to Visual Studio

DevExpress Community News

At DevExpress we’ve got many different teams working together to get you the tools and answers you need to get your job done and done well. But it’s hard trying to keep all those plates in the air. That’s why we really appreciate it when we see you guys sharing your knowledge with one another over the World Wide Web.

We’ve picked a couple of community blog posts from our DevExpress Community to share with you this week. If you’d like your chance to appear in DX Press, upload your blog posts and articles to our DevExpress Facebook page and we’ll select a small sample to publish in our newsletter each issue.

*Richard Hopton: Changing the Language of a DevExpress XtraGrid
*Ryan Hartzog: Free CodeRush Plug-in - CR_ClassCleaner

News from the DevExpress Channel

Are you getting to grips with the XtraCharts? Perhaps you want a little refresher course in binding to data? Look no further than this week’s DevExpress Channel training videos. Your ever-radiant guide, Amanda, is on hand to show you the ropes.

Remember to send your feedback to us and let us know what topics or functionality you’d like to see Amanda and the DevExpress Media Crew cover in upcoming instructional videos.

*WinForms Charts - Getting Started
*WinForms Charts - Binding to Data
*WinForms Charts - Binding Multiple Series to Data

Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

*ASP.NET - Link a web chart to an ASPxPivotGrid
*ASP.NET - Implement collapsible ASPxRoundPanel
*ASP.NET - Implement a single cell editing feature in the ASPxTreeList
*WinForms - Synchronize the selection in the GridControl and the PivotGridControl bound to the same data source
*WinForms - Preserve the XtraGrid view state in multi-level master/detail
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