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11 March 2010
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Message from the CTO

Sunk costs

There's a concept in economic theory that's of great importance in software development because it comes up all the time: sunk costs. In fact it's fascinating in its own right because it says more about human reactions and motivations than about economic theory.

Imagine the following situation: you've been running a software development project for 6 months and, for whatever reasons -- could be a competitor has come out with something similar, could be that the implementation is running into difficulties -- you're wondering whether to continue the project given the amount of effort and resources -- that is, money -- you've already put into it.

Julian M Bucknall, CTO
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Sneak Peek: What will ASPxCaptcha do for me?
Is The Doctor's TARDIS advanced XPO technology?
TOP SECRET: Microsoft MIX10 giveaways
String manipulation with CodeRush
Do it with Delphi - VCL Subscription build 49 now available
Adding spice to a restaurant management system
DevExpress Community Bloggers: Getting started with DevExpress
News from the DevExpress Channel

Sneak Peek: What will ASPxCaptcha do for me?

In the last issue of DXPress, Mehul gave us a preview of one of the new controls we can expect in the version 10.1 release of the ASP.NET range of DevExpress controls. ASPxCaptcha was a big hit with our readers, but you felt it could be made better still.

Mehul and the team took on board your comments and critique and they’re happy to say that ASPxCaptcha will support audio.

Take a look at Mehul’s blog to find out more about the research that the team carried out to create the latest addition to the ASP.NET control set.

*ASP.NET Captcha – Image Generation

Is The Doctor's TARDIS advanced XPO technology?

Gary has been experimenting with the geo-tagging capabilities offered by social networking sites, and has plotted his tracks throughout Europe for the past 2 weeks. Taking data incorporating Time as well as Latitude and Longitude, Gary has come up with his very own TARDIS.

Are you intrigued by the geo-coding opportunities that social media sites are offering? Maybe you are working on an internal app for your marketing department to help them to track where their influential posters are, or perhaps your sales team want some real-time data on who is buying and talking about your products.

This mapping application could jumpstart a few cool ideas for you to experiment with. Take a look and see what ideas you can come up with to exploit the possibilities.

*XPO, Bing, Twitter and the TARDIS

TOP SECRET: Microsoft MIX10 giveaways

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But with a new FlipHD video camera from DevExpress you could get all the MIX10 action on film to enjoy time and again.

Check out this video from Amanda and Jeff to find out more about what you can win in the DevExpress prize giveaways at Microsoft MIX10 next week.

Are you feeling lucky?

*Win with DevExpress at Microsoft MIX10

String manipulation with CodeRush

Popping the hood of CodeRush and having a good look at the less-than-obvious features can uncover some useful, and often overlooked, features of the Visual Studio add-in.

One of the not-so-well-known features of CodeRush is its ability to split strings and introduce format items.

Check out this collection of Mark's favourite string manipulation features, and why not shine the headlights on your favorite hidden CodeRush gems in the comments too.

*Slicing and Dicing Strings with CodeRush for Visual Studio

Do it with Delphi - VCL Subscription build 49 now available

Build 49 of the VCL subscription offers you the addition of ExpressSpellChecker with HunSpell support, including some outstanding improvements in performance and memory usage. Algorithmic enhancements to the complex language dictionary have significantly reduced memory usage and cut load times substantially.

The team have also implemented resolutions to over 140 reported issues since the last release!

Get your hands on build 49 and check out the great work from the VCL team.

*VCL Subscription Build 49 released

Adding spice to a restaurant management system

The Aakash Restaurant has been described by some as "the largest Indian restaurant in the world".

This restaurant juggles a seating capacity of 700 across three function rooms, along with buffet, takeaway and delivery services. Devising a management system that could handle scheduling, function tracking, task management and food orders, all with an intuitive design was no small task.

Software Surgeons, Inc turned to the DevExpress Winforms controls, which allowed developer, Abaid-ur-Rehman Zulfi, to create an “elegant and efficient software solution” to meet his customer’s exacting needs.

*Developer Story: Software Surgeons, Inc

DevExpress Community Bloggers: Getting started with DevExpress

Often the largest part of the battle with starting new personal projects or trying new software is motivating yourself to attack the initial learning curve.

Rory has been developing CodeRush plug-ins for some time, but recognized that the initial learning curve could be made less steep by outlining a few of the basics. He’s written a blog post that he hopes will make it easier for others to add to the DXCore Community Plug-ins site.

Nate Woolls is a DX Squad member working primarily with the VCL controls. Recently though, he’s been expanding his horizons. After some research on the DevExpress Channel, Nate started work on an XAF application using embedded Firebird as his database backend.

Check out our community posts and don’t forget to submit yours to us via the DevExpress Facebook page.

*Rory Becker: The CodeRush Plug-In Quick Start
*Nate Woolls: Using XAF with Embedded Firebird

News from the DevExpress Channel

Amanda brings a touch of class to another selection of our short DevExpress training videos this week. We see Amanda focusing on ASP.NET charts and the WinForms scheduling control.

Do you need a quick run-through of the ASP.NET charts? Are you looking for a concise explanation of how to print or export a calendar from the XtraSchedular? Look no further. Our DevExpress Media Team has it covered.

Remember to send your feedback to us and let us know what topics or functionality you’d like to see Amanda and the DevExpress Media Crew cover in upcoming instructional videos.

*ASP.NET Charts - Getting Started
*WinForms Scheduler - Printing a Calendar
*WinForms Scheduler - Exporting a Calendar to PDF

Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

* XAF - How to prevent a DetailView from being shown when a User double clicks or presses the Enter key on a record in a ListView
* ASP.NET - General questions about themes happening after an upgrading
* ASPxHtmlEditor - How to set up a custom font dialog
* ASPxScheduler - How to implement a client-side appointment editing form with custom fields
* WinForms - Preserve the XtraGrid view state in multi-level master/detail
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