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24 March 2010
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Message from the CTO

Opportunity costs

Suppose you have the choice of spending $15 on going to the movies or buying a DVD. If you select to go to the movies, your opportunity cost is the DVD. If you buy the DVD, the opportunity cost is the trip to the movies. In software development, opportunity costs come up all the time: we often have to make a decision about which project to take on, given a choice, and the opportunity cost of choosing a particular one is the best idea we didn't choose. Note that opportunity costs are not necessarily monetary, but can be related to anything else of value to the person deciding.

At Developer Express we use the term opportunity cost to explain why we don't add a particular feature or control. We recognize that a given idea is valuable, but, since we have limited resources, we can only do it by not doing something else.

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Julian M Bucknall, CTO
Watch Julian’s video message on the DevExpress Channel


Native ASP.NET MVC Extensions from DevExpress
Sneak Peeks: Good News, Bad News, Great News!
Using the Editor Repository Function – Practical Use Cases
Indicating Process Status with DevExpress Gauges
Community Bloggers: A Real-World XAF Project
Highlights from Microsoft MIX10
Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

Native ASP.NET MVC Extensions from DevExpress

The DevExpress Roadmap for 2010 outlined the plans that the team had for ASP.NET MVC, and with DXperience 2010 vol 1 on the horizon Mehul has investigated what we can expect.

Five native controls will be shipped with DXperience 2010 vol 1, including a new version of the grid control: MVCxGridView. Developers familiar with ASP.NET MVC will be pleased to hear that these are true native controls, rendered via an extension of the HtmlHelper class. While keeping the same look-and-feel as our standard ASPx controls, crucially these new components create no ViewState.

Find out more about these upcoming ASP.NET MVC controls in Mehul’s blog.

*DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Extensions Are Coming Soon

Sneak Peeks: Good News, Bad News, Great News!

The Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 launch is just a few weeks away. As the ship date moves closer, Julian and Mehul have been publishing some of the more general news of the changes that you can expect in your DXperience 2010 vol 1 release.

Check out the news on the effects of the Client Profile and our slimline installer, and leave us your feedback in the comments.

*.NET 4 Client Profile: The Good News and The Bad News
*Installer File Size Reduced

Using the Editor Repository Function – Practical Use Cases

Repository editors permit you to make property settings in one location and associate all those property settings with all edit controls of a certain type. This functionality offers you a tidy way of making changes to edit controls in just one place.

Following Amanda’s video on the benefits of the repository editor, Paul has been creating practical use case scenarios in answer to customer comments. Take a look at his posts and tell us what you think.

*Video: Benefits of the Repository Editor
*Creating and Using a Persistent Repository with Code
*More Editor Repository Goodness
*Creating a Custom Repository Editor with Validation

Indicating Process Status with DevExpress Gauges

Gary has been working on using the DevExpress controls to create a method of collecting and collating information about DevExpress from the World Wide Web. In an effort to make us as responsive as possible to your requests and questions, he wants to make sure he’s alerted to comments from DevExpress users as and when they happen.

In this post Gary shows how he uses the gauge controls to monitor his connection to a feed that can, for various reasons, be suspended or stopped.

Take a look at Gary’s post and tell us what you think.

*Using the Gauge Control to Indicate Process Status

Community Bloggers: A Real-World XAF Project

DevExpress customer and DX Squad evangelist for XAF, Apostolis Bekiaris, is the designer of the open source framework eXpand. Apostolis recently posted a blog post on the ModelArtifactState Module that he has created as part of the development of eXpand. This module is a facade implementing both the ActionState and ControllerState modules.

Read more about how Apostolis is taking advantage of XAF in his blog post, and don’t forget to support our community bloggers by leaving your feedback and comments.

*Apostolis Bekiaris: The ModelArtifactState Module

Highlights from Microsoft MIX10

Pete Brown captured feedback from attendees at this year’s Microsoft MIX event and alongside Windows Mobile 7 and Bill Buxton’s session on designing great user experiences, networking and meeting other people from the Microsoft developer community came out on top as the best things about MIX10.

Not one to be outdone, Mehul captured some of his own highlights to share with those of us who weren't there to participate, and he also shot a neat interview with Joey DeVilla that included ASP.NET MVC, Windows Mobile 7 and using accordions to meet girls.

*MIX10 Video Highlights
*Joey “The Accordion Guy” DeVilla - Microsoft Evangelist
*Elisabeth Olsen and Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Top 5 Tips from DevExpress Support

Here's this week's top 5 list:

*Collection of Localized DevExpress Assemblies
*XPO Best Practices
*How do I Get Started with XAF?
*How to use AgDataGrid with AgXPO for Data Browsing and Editing
*How to Create a Custom Animation for AgWindow
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